The competitive landscape for talent is changing.

The current generation of employees expect to be connected the organization's purpose. They are seeking out companies with great workplace cultures where they can take root and grow. 

Having a great culture statement on your website or a mission statement on a wall won’t move your company forward if your employees can't feel it day to day.

Bridging what you value with how you care for your employees ensures that your culture thrives and employees engage with your strategy.

CONNECTED brings your people management into alignment with your culture and strategy, revolutionizing your employee's experience.


having a connection between your people and your strategy drives a better bottom line, creates a life-changing work experience and a develops meaningful impact in your community. 

Let's Design Your Employee's Experience!

Who Connected Consulting Is


CONNECTED Consulting is led by Katie Augsburger. Katie has over 15 years of experience leading the implementation of human resources programs.

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What WE DO

CONNECTED helps good organizations become great places to work by connecting their culture, strategy and values to their employment practices.

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