Katie worked closely with our executive team to ensure that our organization was not only equipped to achieve present goals, but also prepared for future strategic ambitions. Some initiatives included developing and implementing a robust training program to develop an effective middle management team, as well as enhancements to the performance management system to encourage three-sixty feedback.  These initiatives allowed for improved employee engagement with management, resulting in improved companywide investment in short and long term goals.

— Neill Wallace

VP of International Sales OC Orthodontics

I have known Katie Augsburger for over fifteen years. We worked together at Acumed (a Colson Associate) for eleven of those. During that time, Katie set the company’s direction and led efforts in such as leadership development, compensation strategy, and employee engagement.

Some notes about each:

Leadership Development

I appreciate the upfront work Katie put into developing a training program for our 50+ leaders. She made sure she understood what made our team tick, as well as what the gaps were. Rather than putting a “one and done” program in place, she outlined a three-year learning plan for the team. Our leaders learned something new every month. The learning materials varied – some were heavier than others, but they were all relevant to our team’s jobs and needs. When that three-year period ended, the program was so well-received that it was extended for a fourth year.  To this day, I have leaders reach out to me to tell me they are still using what they learned, to say “thanks” for supporting such a valuable training program, and to say that no other employer has provided them with as much leadership training.

Compensation Strategy

Katie rebuilt the compensation program for the 400-person company. Even with a limited budget, she provided our leadership team with the tools to provide their direct reports with pay that rewarded and motivated the right performance. I attribute the success of the program to Katie’s assessment of how much the company could bear. She put incremental goals in place, so that each year, the company’s pay practices got better and better.

Employee Engagement

I especially appreciate Katie’s approach to driving employee engagement. At her leadership, the HR team set its goals from engagement survey results. When the surveys came in, Katie carefully analyzed the results. She top-leveled company initiatives based on what would have the most impact on job satisfaction and employee retention.


Follow-up was a big part of what made this work meaningful. Katie regularly got up in front of the company to say, “Here’s what you told us is important to you, and here’s what we did.” Employees never wondered whether the company cared about their engagement, because they constantly heard about what we were doing to improve.    

I absolutely recommend Katie as a strategic partner. We parted ways four years ago, and to this day, I call her when I need inspiration or a voice of reason. 

— Noel VanDyke

HR Manager of Treehouse