You can outsource human resources, but you can't outsource culture and employee engagement—these pillars need to live with you.


CONNECTED CONSULTING WORKS quickly and effectively to...



Identify areas that work and opportunities to make processes more clear, concise and connected to your mission, culture and organizational strategies.



Create solutions that are right for your team, unique to your specific business needs and culture.



Implement self-sustaining, adaptable programs. We believe that the best programs work long after the consultant is gone. 

A positive employee experience is critical to the success of your company.

How do you handle...



A good onboarding plan sets the tone for an employee’s tenure with your organization. It gets the employee engaged, excited and aligned to your business and team.

Is there connection?

  • What is your connection to employees from the final interview to the first day?

  • Do new employees know your values and strategy?

  • How do employees learn your culture?

Strategic Compensation

Strategic compensation

Aligning your compensation plan with your company's strategic goals and culture allows you to hire the right talent and reward the behaviors you want.

Is there connection?

  • Do you see competitive behavior when you are trying to foster a culture of collaboration?

  • Are employees confused about how their pay is determined?

  • Do you have pay equity concerns?

  • Is your pay program motivating the behaviors you want?

Performance management

Performance Management

Structuring performance management with development in mind transforms the employee-manager relationship.

Is there connection?

  • Are performance conversations focused on growth or documentation?

  • Are performance conversations more of performance monologues?

  • Do employees feel safe speaking about their performance gaps?

  • Can peers provide feedback in a way that is constructive and welcomed?

  • Does your appraisal feel like it’s better suited for the movie Office Space?


Benefits, Recognition and Perks

Recognitions and perks your company offers can greatly increase your ability to recruit the right talent. How do you curate the right benefits packages that speak to your company’s cultural values without damaging the bottom line?  

Is there connection?

  • Are your current benefits and perks attracting and retaining the right talent?

  • Are new recruits excited when they hear about the benefits package you offer?

  • Do your perks feel “cookie cutter”?

  • Are you spending a lot of money on perks without seeing noticeable ROI

  • Are the right behaviors getting recognition?

  • Are you saying to yourself “oh, we should have benefits?”


Handbooks and HR Communication

Handbooks and company policies should be living documents that engage and delight the reader. They should breathe the company values while providing needed information.

Is there connection?

  • Do policies feel stale and heavy handed?

  • Do your company communications look and feel like the belong in your culture?

  • Do you apologize to employees when you ask them to read HR documents?


Connected creates an employee experience that connects to your culture and values
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